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Joe Doyle


Well after 5 gigs this weekend with the McManus I am just amazed by this whistle. First of all let me say, most of you are probably better players than I, I play in a pub rock band, mostly Pogues, Flogging Molly, Young Dubliners type stuff. I am just getting my feet under me as far as traditional tunes. I usually use 3 or 4 different soprano D whistles, but not anymore. We all know as beginners and intermediates how difficult it can be to get bite on the low E and D without jumping octaves or squeaking, but this whistle you can lay into those low notes with expression and articulation. For example a song like Galway girl I almost always play it in the higher octave, but with the McManus I was able to stay in the lower octave, be loud enough to cut through and the tone is beautiful. The other whistle I use is a narrow bore burke brass, I like it because it is very easy to play songs in the higher octave without using a lot of air, but I can honestly say for the near future I don't see myself using the oZ or the Copeland for any band gigs for a while. If you want a loud powerful soprano D, this is might be the best there is.




Hi Roy,

Your whistles were gratefully received in the post this morning and of course, I had a play them.

Great to discover, as I expected, they produce a terrific clean, bright and accurate tone right up the register.

I love their volume and clarity. I'm really delighted with them both.

Many thanks for your great craftsmanship, Roy. These whistles will be well loved and used.


Regards,  Mark





Sean Delaney

All I can say is ”if Carlsberg made whistles”

Many, many thanks 






Nick Williams,

 The whistle is fantastic. It has a strong clear tone and is very sweet in the upper register.

The smooth large tone holes make sliding between notes easy and there's lots of possibilities for finger vibrato.

I'm blowing it in gradually and totally enjoying the short sessions I've had so far.

Many thanks,






Kenny Qua

Just to let you know the whistle went well in u.s.  Felt it was louder and had more body than the burke.  Was well pleased indeed and handled the humidity well.




Hello Roy the whistle arrived safely yesterday, and it plays and sounds like a dream i will be ordering some more whistles in the near future , thank you so much Roy you are a true craftsman.


Best Regards, John Vesanen





Hi Roy,


I've been playing in the whistle just as you described and everything is wonderful. This whistle is the "fastest" responding whistle I have and I have the best of the rest. I also have the Chieftain Custom Mezzo, half yours and half Kerry Whistles. Both whistles are real screamers and there are times when loud is necessary. Your blackwood high D is very well crafted and it is evident in every way.

I'm very happy with your whistle and hope to order again. This coming Thursday 3/19 is our monthly Comhaltas session where I can show your whistle off to a group (several whistlers, fluters, pipers). I can't wait either.


Bernard Kielty





Phil Hardy

Sir James Galway

Eimear McGeown

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